Notes for a brand-new view


You can almost HEAR Ethel through this picture. Someday I’ll get a recording for you!

Our moms came home [with the furry beasts, unfortunately] and so far they haven’t taken us to The Pound. I probably should have listened to Violet and not let Ethel get me so worked up. It’s just that Violet’s so quiet and Ethel is, well, so LOUD. (Even louder than my Loud Mom… by several decibels!)

Anyway, Violet suggested I try to get “centered” and find my “inner peace” so that I don’t get so caught up in Ethel’s negativity. [Walter’s therapist suggested he meditate to find his inner peace. Except Walter mistook it for inner “piece” and now he’s worried he has something stuck in his belly that’s going to make a hole.]

With the New Year upon us, Violet thought this would be a good time for me to take stock of the things I am thankful for and to set some goals for 2015. Violet thinks that if I have things to focus on and work toward I might not worry so much about what everyone else is doing. I don’t know if it will work (and, besides, I LIKE knowing what’s going on around here), but I’ll give it a try. Whatever it does, at least I know it’s not going to put a hole in my tummy!


  1. My track ball.
  2. A window seat with a view of the bird feeders. (Actually, this one’s kind of frustrating because I’m pretty sure the birds taunt me knowing I can’t get them. Especially those chickadees – Loud Mom says they’re very brave, but they only come close to me when the window’s closed, so I don’t know what she means.)


    Our crazy moms took this picture with their Bird Photo Booth. I’ll never understand humans.

  3. My person that’s away at college. (Though I wish she would leave her bedroom door open while she’s gone. I love snuggling in her bed where I have a great view of the whole block!)
  4. My moms. (Even though they pay so much attention to those ridiculous furry beasts – and those haughty birds. At least Willow takes care of a few of those when Loud Mom’s not chasing him off.)
  5. My moms’ bed. (It’s the BEST place to nap. Sometimes I even snuggle with my pathetic brother Steve.)
  6. The indoors. (Baby Girl, Willow, and Bubbles that live across the street have to be outside all the time and, while I’m a little jealous in the summer, I’m VERY thankful in the winter.)
  7. My health. (I only put this on here because Violet’s always telling me I should be thankful that I’m young and have my health – while it lasts. She says getting old is terrible. Probably because she has to get shots and swallow lots of pills.)


  1. Decrease my dependency on the track. Only play twice a day for less than five minutes each time. I guess I could be obsessing about something else like the way Steve obsesses about his abs and Willow (Steve’s always talking about how Willow has such a “sexy” way of launching himself at the bird feeders. Yuck. I’ll stick with keeping my track time in check.)
  2. Journal more. I have so many observations – I just need to write them down to help me (and you) see the big picture. (If I stick with goal #1, I should have plenty of time for goal #2.)
  3. Find a way to get our moms to give us cats treats again. Ever since the old ladies started having all of these food allergies, we don’t get treats any more. Sometimes our moms will give us pieces of food and pretend they’re treats, but we’re not stupid. Only my pathetic brother Steve eats the fake treats – he’s trying to get buff for Willow with the extra protein, he says.
  4. And while I’m at it, find a way to convince our moms to give us cats canned food. The furry beasts get wet food every day. Our moms say it’s because Walter is so skinny and neurotic that this is the only way they can get him to eat more. But that’s foolish. He’s scared of the plate (!) and Eggnog and Sherman end up eating Walter’s food anyway. (Sometimes I sneak a bite when no one’s looking!)

Ethel saw me working on my lists and scoffed. She said goals are pointless, that we’re prisoners stripped of our free will and I’m only fooling myself into having a false sense of control. I asked my pathetic brother Steve what he thought and he asked me if his abs looked good in his t-shirt. Gross. Anyway, I don’t know if these lists will help, but I already wrote them, so, whatever. Happy New Year!

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