General Sherman’s March to the Sheets

I don’t pay much mind to my furry beast of a brother Sherman (aka The General). The only time I worry myself with him is when he joins Walter in a game of chase with me as the prey. Otherwise we keep to ourselves.

But today I’ve had it. Sherman’s managed to seize ALL of my favorite sleeping spots. It started with the bed. It’s embarrassing to admit, but Steve and I snuggle on the bed in the winter to keep warm.


To my horror, when I was ready for my afternoon nap I found Sherman claiming MY spot. Disgusting. I’ll never be able to get rid of that furry beast smell. Not to mention he had horrific gas – I overheard Little Mom saying he ate too much of his chewy. (And don’t get me started about Walter sleeping under the covers.)



So I had to sleep in the bathroom on the vent to get warm. That’s not right.


After tossing and turning and getting very little sleep, I thought I should get up and eat. On my way to the food bowl I perked up when I saw that one of my moms was doing laundry and she was nowhere to be seen. Prime opportunity to curl up in a basket of warm sheets! So I grabbed a bite and made my way back to the basket only to find this:


The General is the biggest furry beast in our house, and I’m no fool, so I just let him sleep. But after Eggnog and Steve taking over my blog and now Sherman stealing all the best sleeping spots, I’m over it. A cat can only endure so much.

I’m so sleepy now. I guess it’s back to the vent for me.

19 thoughts on “General Sherman’s March to the Sheets

  1. I leave my two cats’ carriers out and open. There are pillows inside, and they make a cozy cave for kitties trying to avoid each other and have a warm, pleasant snooze. (I note, too, that it makes it easier to round them up for veterinarian or groomer appointments if I find them already in a carrier…!)

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    • Yes, I remember Dottie because I wondered if she might be Steve’s and my long lost sibling! She’s a very lucky girl to have such a good home. I’ll bet no one’s stealing her bed!!

      Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad it makes you smile. Please give Dottie my hellos 🙂


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    • Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Thankfully, The General prefers the sofa these days so the vent is a distant memory. Though he does still sneak into a basket full of fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry every now and then, much to Loud Mom’s chagrin!

      I miss blogging! I have so many observations to share, but things around my house have been so hectic these past few months. When I return, I’ll have lots to say! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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