Almost (but not) Famous.

Recently my sister Ethel was featured on Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday, and since then she’s been insufferable. (She’s hard enough to deal with most days – and not just because my pathetic brother Steve enjoys aggravating her.) When I received the notification that Eggnog’s post about Ethel was being highlighted on Katzenworld, I worried that we would face the wrath of Ethel because the photo of her was so unflattering.

imageBut Ethel could have cared less – all she saw was a chance at bright lights and the big city, whatever that means. She kicked Violet off of the best cat bed and thinks the paparazzi are going to descend on our house any minute. We live in Paris… Kentucky! There’s no reasoning with her, though. She considers this her opportunity to have the singing career she thinks she deserves. (Steve just looked over my shoulder and said that if Ethel ever becomes famous, then he “deserves” to have his Plenty of Felines profile put on a billboard to let every cat out there see what a catch he is. Ugh…)

So, Ethel’s back to pestering me about using my blog to pursue her singing aspirations. Now that she’s had a taste of fame I fear she won’t relent. And given the week I’m having, I’m too tired to fight her. She’s exhausting on a good day.

Of course, Ethel has no idea how to use the computer, which means she wants me to transcribe for her. She also asked if I would help her record some demos to post online. I think she’d have a better shot at being signed if no one could hear her sing. But then Kim Zolciak from the Atlanta Housewives had a record deal, so I guess anything is possible.


Kim Zolciak [UPI/Laura Cavanaugh] :: Ethel [CVC/Little Mom]

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid getting roped into Ethel’s “career,” but don’t be surprised if I relent and let Ethel promote her “music” on my blog. Just don’t take that as an endorsement. I’m only trying to make my life easier.

P.S. The General appropriated my sleeping spot while I’ve been sharing my latest news with you. Guess I’m off to the bathroom vent again. At least the noise from the furnace will drown out Ethel’s singing rehearsals.

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29 thoughts on “Almost (but not) Famous.

    • I wish Ethel would sing oldies but goodies like that! Unfortunately, she prefers Streisand-like ballads and she does NOT have a Streisand-like voice. Thank you for reading my post. And for your empathy!

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    • Sadly, Ethel thinks she needs to model her career path after that, as you said, unfortunate creature’s. Ethel’s “talent” may be on par, but she doesn’t have a Big Papa to bankroll her.

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  1. I have NO DOUBT (underline that) that Ethel’s voice is by far better than Kim Whatzit’s……..the last time Mom smashed her finger in the doorjam she sounded better than that…..but I’m wishing Ethel the best….we should all pursue our dreams!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Hahaha! I don’t doubt that, Sammy! I’m all for Ethel pursuing her dreams — I just wish I didn’t have to listen to it! Excruciating!! If you check back in I’m sure you’ll see for yourself. Thanks for visiting!!


    • Sherman’s the worst about taking my sleeping spots! He thinks the whole house is HIS territory. And, yes, Ethel’s always posing. Dismayed as she is after no one came to her show, she’s still acting like a Diva.


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