Move over Beyonce…

Sequoia-02_profile-circleHello, my name is Ethel. I’m sure you recognize me from my debut this week on Katzenworld. Well, that wasn’t actually my debut. In my youth, I was a bit of a model. Carol’s going to put a few of my photographs on the internets for you to see.


Uploaded by Carol

My family refuses to acknowledge my star qualities, so it was refreshing to receive recognition from a venerated feline site like Katzenworld. When I heard that I was going to appear on their TRT, I knew this was the opportunity I’d been waiting for my whole life. This time no one – especially not my scoundrel of a brother Steve – can stand in my way!

I was born to sing. In fact, Little Mom adopted me when I was eight weeks old because she loved my voice. Whenever we have visitors they are always entranced by my vocal abilities. So why no one in my family accepts my talent is baffling. But I’m a strong, independent cat and will forge my own path to stardom.

With the help of Bubbles. She lives across the street and totally gets me. I’m going to put on a show, and since Bubbles gets to be outside, she said that if I made a flyer she would distribute it around the neighborhood. So, with some computer assistance from Carol, I made this and slid several copies under the door to Bubbles:


It was only AFTER all of the copies had been sent out that Baby Girl, Bubbles’s sister, visited Carol through the window and told her that my despicable brother Steve had put a note on the flyer.


I hate him.

I’m not worried, though. With my recent surge in popularity I am confident the Creekview Drive masses will want to hear me. Before you know it, the paparazzi will be surrounding our house and I’ll be celebrated on billboards all over the world. I’m ready.


P.S. I read that some have commented on Carol’s blog that I am “cute.” While I prefer gorgeous and refined, I appreciate the sentiment. Thank you for your support.

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