“Me” time

As I feared, Ethel’s show was a total bust. Only two cats came – Baby Girl and Bubbles. Evidently her success is limited to the internet.

Needless to say, the mood in the house has not been good. Ethel refuses to come out of her room. Just a glance in her direction and she lashes out. Poor Violet is bearing the brunt of her anger.

I’m trying to steer clear. Frankly, I’m tired of all the drama around here. For right now I just want to be a cat. I need to do me.

So I’m focusing on activities we cats enjoy:


Like stalking insects,

I find that I get better observations from behind cover.

making quiet observations,

My not-so-secret addiction.

playing with my track ball,


and napping, of course.

So, off the computer [not very cat-like behavior] and back to some quality me time.

29 thoughts on ““Me” time

      • My cats would have pestered me till I turned the little six-legged hostage over to them! LOL! They are very sweet-natured kitties until their hunting instinct is turned on. That beetle would have had them chirping!

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      • This beetle rather bored me. Such a slow mover. Now a cave cricket — those are FUN! Steve and I have a grand time with them. Our moms complain about finding their legs strewn all over the room.


    • While I’m not a fan of furry beasts, my moms think Molly and Pug are awful cute. Molly being scared of stink bugs paints quite a picture! I’d be happy to hunt them for you, though I think cave crickets are much more fun!


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