Born again?

Eggnog put me on notice: Calm the chaos or she’s telling our moms on me and my blog. [New to my blog? Click here for a quick recap to get you up to date!] To be honest, things have gotten so crazy that I feel completely out of control. That’s where Baby Girl from across the street comes in.

We were having one of our typical chats through the door when I told Baby Girl about Eggnog’s ultimatum. Baby Girl said she had the perfect solution. She told me that, in order to get what she called “Continuing Education Credits” to maintain her Life Coaching certification, she recently took a class on “Rebirthing.” Baby Girl thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to put her new skill to work.


Of course I was a little apprehensive because earlier in the week Walter told me he had some concerns about Baby Girl’s therapeutic exercises. So I had a list of questions for Baby Girl:

  1. ME: What is rebirthing?
    BABY GIRL: Rebirthing is an exercise that teaches you how to breathe energy as well as air and reconnects you to your spiritual center. Originally performed while naked and submerged in a hot tub wearing only a snorkel and nose clips, I have adapted the exercise specifically for cats and dogs [as well as ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs, pending review]. My version includes a “Rebirthing Sac” which is basically a blanket. All cats and dogs love blankets.
  2. ME: Will it help?
    BABY GIRL: Yes, definitely.

With such excellent answers to my tough questions, I felt good about proceeding.

I knew I had to get Walter on board first, given his concerns about Baby Girl. I told him about our plan and he said that, while he’s skeptical about any suggestion made by Baby Girl, he LOVES blankets so it must be a good idea.


Can’t find Walter? He’s probably under a blanket.

Walter offered to convince the other furry beasts, Sherman and Eggnog, and I talked to the cats – Steve, Ethel, and Violet.

Steve thought it was a great idea, hoping to get on Baby Girl’s good side and thus one step closer to her brother [his ex], Willow. Ethel said she’d always loved “A Star is Born” and that maybe getting Rebirthed would make her a star like her idol, Barbra. And Violet said she sleeps on a blanket all day long, so she’s fine as long as it doesn’t disrupt her routine.


Do YOU see a resemblance? Ethel tried to convince me they have the same nose.

As for Eggnog and Sherman, Eggnog hoped that being Rebirthed would make her more youthful [she is almost 60 in human years, after all] and Sherman said he’d go along with it so long as no one touched him [huh?] and he got to keep his chewy.

Next we had to figure out a way to get Baby Girl INSIDE the house…. With that problem solved [I’m not divulging our secrets in case our moms read this one day], we were ready to go!

Here’s how the Rebirthing went:


Me, Carol, having second thoughts about trusting Baby Girl.


Steve managed to make Rebirthing look sexy. [He asked Baby Girl to give her brother Willow this photograph hoping Willow will find him irresistible.]


Ethel tried to channel Barbra Streisand. I’m not so sure it worked.


“You woke me up for this?” – Violet


Don’t worry. Walter’s not scared. He always looks like this.

Eggnog got very into the exercise taking the Rebirthing quite seriously.

Eggnog took the Rebirthing exercise quite literally.


Sherman had trouble losing himself in the exercise because he worried his chewy would be stolen.

Baby Girl said it might take a few days before we see the benefits of her Rebirthing exercise, but all in all I’m sort of hopeful.

31 thoughts on “Born again?

  1. Gosh……I think my Mom and Dad do that rebirthing thing every morning… least it looks like that when they emerge from the cocoon of the fleece blankie and quilt on their bed……except their hair doesn’t look as good as yours does.

    Hugs, Sam

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jeanne! I guess I’ll tell Ethel what you said. She’s having a rough day (Steve has been taunting her), so maybe this will cheer her up. A happy Ethel makes for a happy household.


  2. I couldn’t imagine any of my three felines putting up with this… in any case, they are all convinced they are perfect already (they are but I don’t tell them that!).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel compelled to comment on Ethel’s resemblance to her idol. It’s almost uncanny. If she could somehow manage to get her hair a little longer, then permed…..


    • I’ll tell Ethel you see the resemblance. She’ll be thrilled! She’s been asking me to give her a perm, but I keep telling her that her fur isn’t long enough.


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