A reluctant Valentine.

Dearest Steve,

I know you never read my blog, so on this Valentine’s Day I decided to tell you—and the rest of the world—that I do really love you. You may not be my brother by blood, but you’re my brother by choice and I think that’s even better.


I still remember when we were in the cage together at the shelter… for almost four whole months. It was so scary. We were surrounded by barking furry beasts. There were happy cats and sad cats and mad cats. Some days I almost gave up hope that we’d ever find our forever home.

And I was so scared that we would be separated. What if somebody adopted you and I was left all alone? Or what if I was picked and had to leave you behind? I was terrified, but you always made me feel better. You told me it would be okay and to just be cool.


Then one day LOUD Mom came in with our person that’s away at college. Not only did we find a forever home, but we found a forever home together.

I’ll never forget the first time we met Walter. He walked right up to you and sat one of his chewies down in front of you. Your look of disdain said it all.


Almost three years later, Walter still wants to be your friend.

Even though you get on my nerves and you talk about your abs too much, I will always be here for you, Steve. I would never tell you this to your face, but you’re my brother and I love you very much. I even wrote you a poem….


22 thoughts on “A reluctant Valentine.

  1. Omg this is too sweet! I love the poem and i am so happy they got rehomed together! That is why i am obsessing to get as much made as i can, i want to make as many animals comfy and warm while they wait for their forever homes 🙂 love it x x

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  2. Carol, I hope your moms don’t see this. And if they do, I hope they don’t blow your cover and expose you for the softie you are! I was getting ready to cry when I got to your poem. I began to laugh and my tears of sadness turned to tears of joy.

    Love and hugs……Grandma

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  3. I want to smoosh my face into that pile of black and white fur so bad!!

    And who’s a good boy? Walter’s a good boy. These silly cats never want to be friends. Bandit & Leroy are all the time perplexed by this same fact.


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