Let it snow.

All of this cold weather and snow we’re getting has made for great bird watching! I have to be very still or else they all fly away. I don’t know why they’re so scared – it’s not like I can get to them with this darn window in my way.


My view this morning. So many finches.

Watching the birds has the added benefit of giving me a break from the goings-on around here. Don’t worry – I’m not abandoning my responsibility to keep an eye on things! I take that task VERY seriously. But sometimes a cat needs some “me” time.

Especially with Sherman’s fretting all weekend. He went to the groomer on Saturday to have his hair trimmed and when he got home, looking rather silly if I may say so myself, the vet’s office called.


The sweater doesn’t help.

The vet said they’re having a “Biggest Loser” challenge and they want SHERMAN to participate! All my moms have to do is bring him back into the office for his “initial weigh-in” and he’ll be sent home with a free bag of weight loss dog food.

I’ve seen the Biggest Loser TV show and know what they do to those contestants – it’s not pretty. I definitely don’t want that terror Jillian Michaels coming to our house. She’d put us ALL on a diet. Awful! [We cats already don’t get treats thanks to the old lady Ethel’s food allergies!]


This unhappy dog could be Sherman. [Image credit: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages]

So while pretending to nap, I listened to my moms discuss whether Sherman should participate. I needed to collect as much information as possible.


They said that when they adopted Sherman last summer, after seeing his photo on Petfinder, he was heavier than they expected when they picked him up. In the Petfinder photo Sherman was so thin, after being homeless for who knows how long, that you could see his ribs. But they guessed a few months at his foster home [where he ate only homemade food] must have fattened him up, because when they brought him here to his forever home [where there is NO homemade food] he needed to lose a few pounds. Particularly since he has a gimpy back leg.


But both moms agreed that he’s lost weight since coming here and they think he looks pretty good. A little thick around the middle perhaps, but a nice middle weight. They thought, though, that if the vet believes he needs to lose weight, maybe they should listen.

I knew Sherman would not like what came next. Little Mom said that putting Sherman on a diet would mean no more wet food, cutting back on his peanut butter Kongs, and… fewer chewies. Uh-oh.


I had to tell Sherman straight away. He needed to know. I’m not his biggest fan, but this was in my own best interest. A strung out Sherman going through chewy withdrawal might make my life VERY miserable. The only thing that keeps him from chasing me 90% of the time is that his chewy is more appealing.


Well, when I told Sherman he lost it. In a frenzy he started collecting all of the chewies and hiding them – between couch cushions, in the old ladies’ beds, at the bottom of the laundry basket. Basically anywhere and everywhere. He threatened to go on a hunger strike. He even said he would refuse to go on walks because they might be stealth attempts to take him to the vet.

So for now I’m going to enjoy some quiet and watch the birds. Let it snow.

16 thoughts on “Let it snow.

  1. Carol, perhaps you could sacrifice yourself a bit and allow Sherman to chase you once or twice per day. That might help his little tummy issue enough to prevent the dreaded diet. I think with all that snow in your pictures, a little extra around Sherman’s middle must help to insulate him as well. No sense in being too drastic with the weight loss until spring is in full force.

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  2. Oh Carol, you have your paws full! It was kind of you to do “recon” for Sherman. Weight loss, especially when forced, is no fun. Perhaps Steve could share some tips from his abs workout? Best of luck and may the force by with you!

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    • Thank you! I’m going to tell Sherman you said that about my help. I’m not so sure Sherman will want to take exercise advice from Steve. He calls Steve a pansy. Personally, I think Steve’s more of a geranium.

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    • Haha!! I hope they DO make Sherman wear one of those T-shirts for his weigh-ins. That would be funny.

      And I don’t know what he would win. The clinic forgot to say. All LOUD Mom said was that they’d win the privilege of continuing to buy expensive dog food that only Sherman can eat.

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  4. hello carol its dennis the vizsla dog hay it sownds like sherman has ben tayking lessens in food hiding frum the skwirrels!!! altho come to think of it stashing goodeez arownd the howse duz not seem like a bad ideea at all maybe i shud try it just in kayse their is a zombee apokalips or sum other interrupshun in the fud supply!!! ok bye

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