A Blog of One’s Own

I’m back. It’s been a rough week. The furry beasts [Eggnog, Walter, and Sherman] locked me out of the computer, took over my blog, and are demanding one blog post a week. This is MY blog! But for the sake of peace, I’m letting them have their way. And they say that I create drama. Ha!


It’s warmed up outside and LOUD Mom enjoys opening the windows to let fresh air into the house. That’s great for me because it gives me the opportunity to chat with my neighbor friend, Baby Girl. Baby Girl is always a good sounding board for me [much to Eggnog’s chagrin]. Baby Girl gives great advice. I guess that’s why she became a certified Life Coach.


Me watching out the window for Baby Girl.

So I was chatting through the window with Baby Girl, telling her what the furry beasts did to me. Baby Girl said we live in a culture where boys have all of the power. She told me that it’s not uncommon for boys to assert their dominance when their power is threatened. If I want to take back my power, Baby Girl said that I need to do what she says and stand up to them.

I reminded Baby Girl that Eggnog, a girl, was the one that changed the password on the computer. Baby Girl said Eggnog was simply identifying with the male power structure to gain a false sense of power and control. In reality, Eggnog is a tool the boys use to maintain their dominance.


While Baby Girl and I were talking, a few of the neighborhood female outside cats – Marmalade, Cinnamon, and Trixie – joined us in the window. Marmalade told me to stop complaining, that girls who live outside have far more challenges when it comes to dealing with harassment and discrimination. “Cat calls” are just the tip of the iceberg.


That seemed awfully unfair to me, though. They’re not in my paws, they don’t know what I have to deal with on a daily basis. Besides, when my brother Steve’s ex-boyfriend, Basil Worthington, visited, he told us all about the lavish life some purebred cats live. They get fed canned food daily [sometimes even fresh meat and tuna], drink filtered water, and have heated beds [and not because they’re sleeping on vents]. So don’t tell me about how easy I have it!

Baby Girl interjected that we’re confusing the plight of female cats in a patriarchal society with issues of breed and class. She called where these issues cross the “intersection of inequality.” And that’s where she lost me. All I want is my blog back!


Ethel, my irritable old lady feline sister, saw us in the window and came over because she’s so nosy. She said all the boys, especially Steve, should be put on an island. Ethel started quoting someone named Andrea Dworkat, saying that living with the likes of Steve leaves us “inside a system of humiliation from which there is no escape.” I don’t know who Andrea Dworkat was, but I think she had a flare for the dramatic. No wonder Ethel likes her.

Next thing I know my other old lady sister, Violet, had joined the party. Violet started talking about the “old days” and how it was her generation that fought to win the freedoms my generation enjoys now. What freedoms?! We can’t even get our moms to give us treats! But Violet said I was being self-centered, that my forebears like Susan B. Cathony and Louisa May Alcatt didn’t risk their lives for us to get Greenies.


Louisa May Alcatt

That’s when I’d had my fill. My bid to get a little sympathy and advice had turned into a three-ring circus. Thankfully, Steve came over not wanting to miss out on what he thought was a party. [I can’t believe I’m thankful for something Steve did!]

Ethel, Steve being her mortal enemy, hissed and darted back to her room, her saggy gut sweeping the floor. As Ethel ran off, she said that by cavorting with Steve we were submitting to our own female negation and annihilation. What?! Violet, with her AT-AT walk, quietly followed Ethel. And the neighborhood girls started purring and flirting with Steve. So much for girl power. Little did they know they were barking up the wrong tree [please pardon the canine-centric expression].

So there I was surrounded yet feeling so alone. That is, until LOUD Mom saw all the cats out front and ran outside in her robe and slippers clapping her hands and shouting for them to get out of our yard and away from the bird feeders. Then I really was alone.


Me, alone with my thoughts.

I don’t know what I think about patriarchy or issues of breed and class. I’m a cat. What I do know is that I want my blog to be MY blog.

43 thoughts on “A Blog of One’s Own

  1. Hi Carol. I always look forward to hearing about the lives of you and your family. Happy to see you have returned. 🙂 By the way, the above pictures were spectacular. My human says hello and she is a big fan of your writing.

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    • Thank you for reading my post! I’m glad you like the pictures! I put a lot of thought into my posts. The furry beasts think this is all so simple — they have no idea! Please give your human my hellos and tell her thank you for the compliment!!

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  2. So Carol, it seems that you haven’t decided to embrace intersectional feminism at this point. I respect that, and sometimes it’s important to focus on our own healing with ongoing emotional trauma before we jump into other social discourse. I think that you must allow your voice to be heard, this will be empowering, and that sense of control in your life only helps to identify just how being marginalized by oppressive patriarchy is taking its toll. Reclaim your blog, speak of what is just and right, stay strong. I stand with you.

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  3. Well Carol I feel your pain…..well, not literally of course but figuratively…..it appears that you did in fact author your blog BY YOURSELF today so that’s a step in the right direction! Glad you’re BAAAACK.

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. And you thought the furry beasts were a problem! Between Baby Girl and Ethel hounding you about the patriarchy and Violet dogging you about not respecting the sacrifices of your feminist forecats, I don’t know how you maintained your cool.
    This is why I like to be the only animal in the household. It’s hard enough dealing with humans.

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    • I envy you, Albert. Sometimes I fantasize about being an only cat. My daydreams are usually interrupted, however, by Ethel singing, Steve asking for the password to Skype, or the furry beasts barking at the mail carrier. Oh well. If it weren’t for my crazy brothers and sisters, I probably would not have a blog. My moms with their knitting and bird watching aren’t very interesting on their own!

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  5. Thanks for deconstructing a complicated world via the blog. My cat Eve communicates with her eyes. Look into my eyes, don’t look away, don’t go blogging, everything you need to know about what I want is staring back at you. Now do it.

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    • Hmm… Eve just gave me a great idea. I wonder if Baby Girl could hypnotize the furry beasts into giving me my blog back?! I’ll have to check into this. Please give Eve my thanks!

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  6. Carol, I thought that cats didn’t need to worry about gender and income inequality and all the other stuff that humans stress out about on a daily basis. You should just sit back, relax, and enjoy being a Felis catus domestica. It has got to be better than tearing you hair out over the rent and taxes and all that stuff we two-legged mammals are stuck dealing with!

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    • I try very hard to relax, however everyone around me makes relaxing a challenging endeavor. I know Baby Girl was just trying to help, but that wasn’t the kind of help I had in mind! I truly appreciate your effort to put things in perspective. Baby Girl could learn a thing or two from you!

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    • Yes, Fluffy’s tunnel looks lovely. I could certainly use a place like that to get some quiet time alone with my thoughts. Thank you for stopping by and please give Fluffy my hellos!


  7. Hi Carol! Yes, as you can see by my picture, I own a dog – Holly – but I also have three cats residing with me (notice I did not say “own” when it pertains to the cats), so hopefully you won’t mind my saying hello. I am new to blogging. Just started a two or three weeks ago. You were kind enough to like my picture post today, so in return I wanted to read your blog. Great job! My two older cats, Smokey and Elsa (no, NOT after that Disney movie, damn it!) would sympathize greatly with your plight as Holly barks – a lot. And then there is Teeger. Our four year old cat/kitten. She doesn’t get that it is unseemly for older cats to play and is constantly pouncing on them. However, it is never a dull moment here! Look forward to more of your blogs!

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    • Ha! What’s wrong with Disney? 😉 Wait, don’t answer that.

      Your household sounds an awful lot like mine, we just have a few more furry inhabitants. I sometimes struggle with remembering that the old ladies, Violet and Ethel, don’t like me chasing their tails or pouncing on them from above, so I can relate to Teeger.

      And then there’s the barking. I’ll never understand furry beasts. Though I don’t hold it against you that you have one. I am aware that humans have some strange attraction to them that I cannot comprehend.

      Anyway, welcome to blogging!! And thank you for visiting my blog!


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