(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sherman-01_profileHello, my name is Sherman. You can call me The General. This is my first blog post and, frankly, I don’t get it. What’s the point of blogging? Carol says she wants to “share her observations,” but who cares what she observes? Cats. So self-important.

In order to get a handle on the chaos Carol and her blog have created, we dogs commandeered one post a week. My nervous brother, Walter, agonized over what to do with our weekly post. Walter agonizes over a blade of grass stuck in his fur.

Walter when being called to go outside. I'm not joking. This is what he does.

Walter when being called to go outside. I’m not joking. This is what he does.

I’m the one that decided on Wordless Wednesday. We could put a picture on the blog and be done with it. But Walter insists we write something. Ridiculous.

If I weren’t starving from this terrible diet my moms and the vet put me on, I would have argued with him. But I have no energy. And I’m still recovering from the public shaming.


To add to the humiliation, Little Mom thought she was being cute giving them my nickname.

The worst part of this diet is that all of my chewies disappeared. My sister Eggnog had the last one and guarded it with her life. She gnawed on it in front of me, flaunting her freedom to eat what she wants while I tried to ignore my hunger pangs. But now that chewy’s gone, too.


Enough whining. I need to suck it up. Generals don’t journal about their feelings.

P.S. If you want to send me chewies, please do so covertly. Thank you.

38 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Nice to meet you Sherman, oops sorry- General. Diets suck don’t they, but I suspect your moms only want the best for you and want to keep you around a long time to torment Carol 😉 Have you tried gnawing on your sisters tail…she probably wouldn’t flaunt her chewies quite so much

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    • Apology accepted. Diets definitely suck, though more time to torment Carol might make this all worth it. She’s great fun to chase! And I hadn’t thought about gnawing on Eggnog’s tail, but that is a good idea. She’s quick and has sharp little teeth, so I should proceed only if I have the clear advantage. Thanks for reading my first post, even if I still don’t get the point of blogging!


    • How kind of Jersey and her gang! I asked Little Mom for our PO and she wanted to know why I needed it. What was I thinking? And of course I could not tell a lie.

      Little Mom told me to tell Jersey thank you and that the offer is very kind, but no chewies for me while I’m on my diet. So much for following the example of the other General I greatly admire, General George Washington. Look where honesty got me — hungry and chewiless!


      • Jersey says she can’t imagine living in such a dictatorship! (I think she’s setting up her own email account and stuff.)

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      • Jersey’s lucky to have no idea what it’s like to live under such an oppressive regime. LOUD Mom actually calls herself the Pack Leader. That’s not a far cry from declaring herself the “Supreme Leader.”

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      • Jersey said it might actually be equal to Her Royal Highness and President for Life=dictatorship……obviously, your votes don’t count. She’s still working on the chewy situation.

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  2. Hi General Sherman….(salute)…..I would send you some chewies but they would be cat chewies and something tells me that you aren’t “up” for anything related to cats. Diet is not something I’m familiar with as I’m rather on the thinnish side. I get to eat anything I want (not bragging – just sayin’). Here’s hoping you get to feeling more comfortable with the blog thing – it’s actually quite fun to air your dirty laundry (so to speak) in public once in a while and blogging is as good an excuse for doing that as any.

    Your feline friend, Sammy

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    • Thank you for reading my first post, Sammy. It must be nice to get to eat anything you want. I used to be able to do that, too. Those were the days.

      I must say this blogging thing is growing on me. I do enjoy meeting new humans and cats and dogs. It’s one of my favorite things about car rides and walks! Thank you, again, for visiting!


  3. Hello, General Sherman. Even if you don’t like blogging, I think it’s good strategy for us dogs to assert our right to be heard. We can’t let the cats rule the blogosphere, even if they are relatively wise cats like Carol.

    As to diet, I feel your pain. The Lady says that I put on too many ounces during this cold winter and that I have to start exercising more now that the weather is warmer. You would think more exercise = more food, right? WRONG. I wish I could smuggle you some chewies, but I’m afraid I have to hoard the very limited supply I have been allowed.

    Best of luck,

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    • Nice to meet you, Albert. I understand your plight. With the warmer weather has come more “play time” outside and longer walks, yet my nourishment has diminished compared to before. And I understand holding onto your chewies. If I had chewies right now, I would be caching them, too.

      You make a very valid point about not letting cats dominate the blogosphere. Carol’s going to make sure she is heard (and she’s never at a loss for words), so we dogs should be heard, too!

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    • Well, hello! I’m glad you have someone to give you treats. My moms seem to be a united front when it comes to the chewy situation. I have noticed, however, that LOUD Mom is a little more generous with the peanut butter in my nightly Kong!


  4. General Sherman, I am delighted to meet you and get your perspective on things. I do not have a great deal of experience with diets.
    However, I observed ta friend lose a few pounds – instead of eating big meals, he ate 6-8 small meals or snacks throughout the day. This kept something in his tummy and at the same time allowed his tummy to shrink, which made dieting easier, because he felt full quicker.
    Good luck, and may you have a long, happy life.

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    • Hello! It’s nice to meet you, too! Thank you for reading my post! You may be onto something there. Maybe my moms could give me smaller chewies all day long instead of one big one?! Or peanut butter treats several times a day. I need to develop this idea and devise a strategy…


  5. Hello Shermie, I mean, Sherman. Nice to meet you.

    So sorry to hear about the public shaming! But it is for your own good, and once you are at your target weight, maybe I will think about sending you some chewies – although come to think of it, that seems kind of counter-productive. :/

    I’m on the opposite kind of your diet – I get to eat whatever and whenever I want. I’m loving it although my humans have slowed down the freebies. I thought I heard them say I’m at my target weight. Well, you know, just flash your good ole puppy dog eyes and food/treats/belly rubs will come to you!

    xoxo Sookie

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    • Nice to meet you, too, Sookie! Sounds like you’re on the same kind of diet as my skinny brother, Walter. Poor fella’s afraid of his own plate. (I’m not afraid of his plate, however, so if an opening presents itself, I am more than happy to clean his plate for him to eliminate the threat.)

      I’ll give the puppy dog eyes thing a try. My moms are notorious suckers, so that might work! Thanks for visiting!!

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    • Hahaha! Just be careful darting like that! Carol can’t seem to learn that it’s more fun to chase a moving target!! (Though under the bed is a safe spot — I’m a little to… round… to fit.) Thanks for stopping by! This blogging thing is kind of fun!


  6. Thanks for visiting, Carol. Yes, Glimmer and Violet are definitely sweet together. They do almost everything together: Eat, play, sleep… fight… 😀 The only thing they don’t do together right now is go for walks, and that’s only because Violet isn’t spayed yet. *That* is being taken care of tomorrow (Mar. 12), though. We’ll post some pictures of “the girls” on our next posting, so you and anyone else who’s interested can see our adorable fur-kids together. Thanks again for visiting! 🙂

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  7. Well, hi, Sherman. Our pet rabbit’s allowed to eat all the hay he feels like, so if you’re a bit hungry, you might want to ask about that. Then while someone’s explaining dogs don’t eat hay you could probably get into the sack of potatoes in the pantry.

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  8. Welcome to the blogosphere, General! You need some sort of strategic attack for this diet thing. Maybe lull your moms into complacency by following their diet and losing weight… and then when you win the contest, they’ll shower you with chewies and yummy food. The winner always gets treats of some kind. Just something to think about… Jacques sends his best and wishes you luck (as do I)!

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    • Hello! Nice to meet you. Please give Jacques my regards. You seem to be suggesting a vision-driven, long-term strategy. Definitely worth considering, particularly given the potential for chewy and treat rewards at the end. This is food for thought… and now I’m hungry again!

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    • Brilliant! Just like on the front lines. Carrots are great, too. And they are even allowed on my diet! I’ll have to hide them from Eggnog as well, though, because she loves carrots. I can’t seem to have anything for myself! Thank you and your silly doggies!

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