Airing our dirty laundry.

What a great weekend I had! It’s been so nice having my person that’s away at college home [and being back in her room!!]. Plus, I found the BEST new spot from which to make observations. LOUD Mom hates it, but I think she’ll adjust.


Me inside LOUD Mom’s closet. I love it in here!

On Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in my new spot, making observations and taking notes, when I heard a loud scuffle and saw a flash of black and white dart past the crack in the closet door. Then I heard those unmistakable “thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk” pawsteps — and soon enough Ethel was in front of me.


Ethel asked if I’d seen Steve go past. I played dumb, of course. It’s a role I play well.

Dissatisfied, Ethel turned around and went back in the direction from whence she came. I took the opportunity to jump down and head toward Steve. I walked into the mud room and looked all around, but no Steve.

Then I spotted him:


Poor Steve. He’s not very stealthy. I made my way over to him and inquired as to why Ethel was on his tail. He said he made new friends and needs an outfit for some sort of “initiation.” He thought Ethel might have something in her vast costume collection that would work.

While he was digging through heaps of sequins and gold-lamé [not quite what he had in mind], Ethel rounded the corner and caught him going through her things. Let’s just say she was less than pleased.

As Steve explained the situation to me, we again heard Ethel’s “thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk!” Steve crouched down and asked me to hide him. So I batted down the hamper lid, jumped on top, and tried to look inconspicuous.


This is my, “I have no idea what you’re talking about and am completely innocent,” look. I think it’s pretty believable, don’t you?

Ethel entered the mud room and began a methodical investigation. First she peeked behind the washer and dryer, then around the tub, and finally she paused in front of me at the hamper. I was nervous, but continued playing dumb. She again asked after Steve, and I replied that I was so busy chasing a gnat that I hadn’t paid any attention to where Steve might be.

It worked. Again. Rolling her eyes and emitting a string of adjectives for Steve that I shall not repeat, Ethel stomped out of the room to continue her search.

When I determined that she was out of sight, I jumped down to follow behind and gave Steve the all-clear. As I headed in Ethel’s direction, I saw those piercing green eyes peer around the desk. Ethel was looking into the mud room… and straight at us!


I darted behind the washing machine, but knew it was too late. Ethel had seen us.


Violet, with her AT-AT walk, positioned herself between the three of us in an attempt to keep the peace. While I appreciate her intention, I recognized that the old lady Violet was no match for an angry Ethel.

Given that Ethel, with her girth, cannot jump up more than a foot or two, Steve and I needed to retreat to higher ground. Now, we could have easily jumped on top of the cold, hard washer and dryer. But, in my quick assessment, I surmised that we might be in our safe spot for awhile: Ethel’s got a stubborn streak. And REALLY hates Steve. I mean really, really hates him. She’ll hold out until at least dinner time.

No, there was only one place that was safe AND cozy. I darted out from behind the washer and squealed to Steve to follow me. We jumped into the hamper as Ethel was lukewarm on our tails. Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk.


We might be stuck for awhile, but at least Steve and I are stuck together. Let’s just hope Ethel’s dinner time comes soon!


11 thoughts on “Airing our dirty laundry.

  1. Carol, I can’t seem to find the original post that details why Ethel has such hate for Steve, and I thought I’d read just about everything. Can you point me in the direction of the correct place to look for the back story on their relationship. Thank you, and I hope that by the time you are able to read this Ethel has moved on to dinner and you and Steve are out of the hamper.

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    • Hello, Deb! You’re not really missing a blog post. Ethel’s hatred of Steve goes back to the day they met. She’s hated him from the very beginning. None of us know why, although Ethel says it’s because he’s lazy and worthless. I think there’s more to it than that, though.

      Of course Steve antagonizes Ethel, which only makes her hate him more. (You’ve probably read this post, but these sorts of shenanigans don’t help.) Steve says it’s Ethel’s fault he eggs her on – she makes it too fun.

      Perhaps this is a topic I need to explore more. The only problem is that I’m a little scared of Ethel and in order to get to the bottom of her deep antipathy, I would need to talk to her. About Steve. Who she hates. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do that!

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  2. You know that hamper hiding spot will “work” until the hamper becomes loaded with laundry at which time “the jig is up” and you and Steve will be EXPOSED (or at least your ears will be!). Purrrhaps by then, Ethel will have found something ELSE to be focused on….one can only hope. It’s like a soap opera there isn’t it……never a dull moment and everyone on their toes at all times. Hope the stress doesn’t get to you!!!!! Time to hit the nip I think (for medicinal purposes of course!).

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Definitely never a dull moment that’s for sure! I hadn’t considered the hamper getting full! Which just made me worry: What if LOUD Mom didn’t feel us in the hamper and put us in the wash?! We probably need to find a new hiding place!!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sammy. Have some of that nip for me!


  3. I am surprised Ethel did not sense Steve the first time around. Maybe cats don’t smell as well as we dogs do? Anyway, good job hiding, Carol. I hope you are not stuck there for too long. I have never managed to climb into the hamper, but I do enjoy lying down on the clean laundry once it’s been folded. For some reason, my People don’t seem to appreciate that…

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    • Dogs definitely have the edge over us cats when it comes to smell. Of course we both beat out humans on this one. Yet another way in which humans are inferior. It’s amazing they’ve done so well for themselves as a species.

      I’m with you on enjoying fresh scent of a pile of clean clothes, but, like your People, my moms do not appreciate the appeal. (They also aren’t too keen on us hiding in the hamper, but they don’t seem quite as irritated by that for some reason I don’t understand.)

      Thanks for stopping by, Albert! Always great to hear from you!

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