(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Hello, this is The General. Eggnog was supposed to write this week’s Wordless Wednesday, but she graciously allowed me to take her week in order to provide you with an update. This blogging thing is growing on me.

While I’m still officially participating in the vet’s Biggest Loser Challenge, my diet seems to be on a temporary hiatus thanks to the arrival of my German grandma. Thank goodness for German grandmas!

She and my grandpa (who is NOT German) arrived over the weekend. While I’m not thrilled that they brought with them their two canines – I already have my work cut out for me keeping my cavalry in line – they also brought what my German grandma calls “Kauknochen.”

Frankly, she can call them whatever she wants. They look – and taste – exactly like chewies.


This is what my German grandma says when she gives me a new chewy. I don’t know what it means and I don’t care. All that matters to me is that they taste delicious!

My apologies for the brevity, but I must return to guarding my chewies. Otherwise, Eggnog will take my absence as an invitation to steal and bury them in her bed.


20 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Take it easy General, there could be a backlash if you wolf your way through the special German chewies too quickly…as in an even stricter diet when the grandparents head for home.

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    • A STRICTER diet?!? Hmm. So you’re saying I should pace myself? Perhaps I can sneak these chewies past my moms and bury them in the yard in order to ration their consumption. [My moms hate it when I dig in the yard, which seems unfair considering my LOUD mom digs for a living.] I’ll start strategizing immediately. Many thanks for the warning!

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  2. Kauknochen – new word for me, but I have always said that it is a grandma’s duty to spoil the babies, so I will research these delicious treats! Have a wonderful week, General Sherman and keep those troops in line!

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    • I’m trying my best, but it’s hard work! One doesn’t become The General by being lazy, though. Okay, I’d better get back to my nap before Carol steals my spot on the bed. Thank you for stopping by and make your day great!


    • Why, you’re welcome! And thank you for visiting my blog! I will make sure The General (as he likes to be called) sees your kind compliment. At current he’s too busy guarding his chewies.

      And I should tell you that I very much enjoyed your inaugural blog post! I debated commenting, but decided that if non-existent cats might be foes, a real cat could be considered a serious threat! (Though if you met my brother, Steve, you’d laugh at such a statement.) Anyway, I think you’re off to a great start and I look forward to reading future posts!

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