Creekview Story

While Steve and I were hunkered down in the laundry basket Sunday, I asked him about this “initiation” he mentioned and why he needed a special outfit. After all, his looking for an outfit amongst Ethel’s costumes was the reason we were hiding from her.


Here Steve and I are hiding while Ethel stood guard outside the hamper!

Steve said that with the warm weather and windows open, he’d met a new neighborhood cat named Gus. Gus lives on the street behind us, Springhill Drive. Gus even brought over some of his friends to meet Steve.

I’m glad to hear that Steve’s making new friends. After his tumultuous break-up with Willow, and the way Basil Worthington threw him to the curb, Steve deserves finding a little happiness. Even if he does get on my nerves sometimes.

But back to this initiation. Steve said that his new group of friends wants to “initiate” him into their group at a special meeting, but they said he had to “look the part.” And that’s why he was rifling through Ethel’s costumes.


Ethel photo credit: Little Mom; RuPaul photo credit: Rolling Blackouts.

Apparently, after not having much luck looking for ideas in our moms’ knitting magazines and the latest issue of Mental Floss [what a surprise], Steve thought he might find a few pieces that he could make work for him in Ethel’s costume collection. Ethel’s costumes, however, are modeled after outfits she saw on Barbra Streisand and on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Which means they are primarily assembled from glitter, fringe, sequins, and gold-lamé. Neither Steve nor I are sure what one wears for an initiation, but we’re pretty sure it’s not sequins and lamé.





Honestly, I don’t even know what an initiation is, and Steve is being evasive with regard to what kind of group Gus and his friends are in. All I know is that Steve badly wants to be part of it. [He’s even been doing extra ab workouts to get ready – he’s certain good abs are an essential aspect to “looking the part”.]

Anyway, I said we probably need to figure out what the group is [or at least the meeting’s theme] before we can select his outfit. When I kept pressing Steve for more details, he just said that this initiation is something you do to be accepted by new friends. Steve can be a little dense at times, but it was pretty clear that he did not want me to know too much about Gus and his group.

So I tracked down my neighbor, Baby Girl, to see what she could tell me. It’s great having all of these windows open! As usual, Baby Girl had the skinny. She knew exactly who Gus was and said he’s nothing but trouble.


Photo courtesy of the Paris Police Department.

Evidently, Gus is the leader of the Springhill Ballers. But what on Earth are Springhill Ballers, I asked. Baby Girl said they’re a gang.

We have a GANG in our neighborhood?!

Baby Girl said, yes, in fact we have two gangs: The Springhill Ballers and the Creekview Disciples. And that’s what confuses Baby Girl. Why would the Springhill Ballers want Steve in their gang when we have a gang right here on Creekview Drive? Especially when, Baby Girl said, the two are rivals engaged in a heated turf war.

Baby Girl’s right, this is perplexing. Especially so because I knew nothing about gangs in our ‘hood [as they say] until this conversation with Baby Girl. It seems I need to get more sources on the “outside.”



What is Steve thinking joining a gang? And why do the Springhill Ballers want him? Now I’m worried. But I don’t want to let on to Steve that I know anything. Not yet. First I must collect more information and gather additional observations. Wish me luck!

36 thoughts on “Creekview Story

  1. This situation can only lead to no good Carol. Gangs are usually bad news for both those involved as well as others in the neighboring area. Steve may very well come to be labeled as a “social deviant” and since your moms are running with the social science crowd, they can tell you all about the stigma that Steve is going to face if he chooses not to follow more universally accepted social norms. Ask them to show you some info on the social theories of Robert Merton, anomie, strain theory and deviance…and try to convince Steve that the gang life isn’t worth it. Good luck.

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    • BTW, if Steve wears any of those outfits you showed in your pictures tonight…those gang members aren’t going to take to kindly to him at all. They go in for things like tattoos, and piercings. I wonder if Steve is willing to get those just to fit in…

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      • Oh, no! I wonder if LOUD Mom is in a gang?! Her whole right arm is covered in tattoos. I always that was because achaeologists are kind of a strange bunch — at least that’s what Little Mom says. I hope Steve doesn’t get any tattoos or piercings! This gang things just sounds worse and worse!!

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    • I broached the subject with Steve and tried to discuss with him the theories of social deviance. He stopped me mid-sentence and said not to worry about him, he’s always well put together. He thinks it has to do with having a sense of style and I couldn’t convince him otherwise.

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  2. This is a disturbing development…….gangs……this just can’t turn out well! Suggest staging an “intervention” – there are enough cats around that you should be able to get Steve to see that gang-life is NOT the answer. Neither are those costumes……I’m pretty sure wearing ANY of those would get him in BIG trouble. Yep – the more I think about it, the more I think an intervention is in order!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Steve’s pretty keen on these new friends. He’s spent the entire morning online looking at Pinterest for outfit ideas. I think Ethel’s crossing her paws that he’ll self-destruct. But maybe I can get the rest of the gang on board! Thanks for visiting, Sammy!!

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  3. Oh my goodness, it sounds like Steve is getting ready to go from the pot to the fire – NOT GOOD! In fact, I have never heard of any group, which required an initiation, that was ultimately a good thing. Carol, you have your paws full. Have you told anyone, other than Baby Girl, what is going on?

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    • Hi, Jeanne! Ethel and Violet know. I think Ethel’s hoping he’ll crash and burn. And Violet gave me a long spiel about how back in her day gangs had manners and followed a code, whereas today it’s each cat for himself. Neither was very helpful!

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    • I’m glad you and your human enjoyed my post! I’ll do my best to keep Steve out of trouble. Part of me thinks he enjoys having an excuse to shop for a new outfit! Thanks for visiting, my friend!!


  5. Thank you for the update, Carol. I am not too optimistic about Steve’s plans. From the little I know, as a new member, Steve would be pretty low down in the gang hierarchy. I can’t imagine he’d be very happy with that. Is he sure this isn’t some kind of trick?

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    • Exactly, Albert! I’m worried it’s a trick, too, but haven’t been able to gather enough information to know for certain. Steve’s so obsessed with finding a new outfit for the initiation that he seems oblivious to the larger implications of his decision. When I know more, you’ll know more. Thank you for visiting!

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