Mission: Possible

I’ve not made much headway looking into the situation with the neighborhood gangs and Steve’s initiation. Steve spent much of the weekend looking for outfit ideas on Pinterest and Ravelry (my moms’ favorite knitting website — it’s bookmarked in the browser). Needless to say, he didn’t get far.


Knitters: Please do not do this to your cat.

Steve didn’t have much time to do research because we spent a good part of the weekend being hounded by our German Grandma’s dog, Huckleberry. We all love having our German Grandma here as she showers us with cuddles and treats (yes, treats!). But we cats could do without her furry beasts. Or at least the one they call Huckleberry. The black one, Lucille, is old and quiet and just follows our German Grandma around like a shadow. That is, when she’s not sleeping [the dog, not Grandma, though Grandma does enjoy her naps]. I don’t mind Lucille so much.


A very harmless Lucille.

Huckleberry is another story. He loathes cats. And for no apparent reason. What have we ever done to him? He doesn’t try to hurt us or anything like that. He just barks and chases us out of his sight. [More like waddles after us — he could benefit from Sherman’s diet.]

Brothers separated at birth?

Brothers separated at birth?

Little Mom told me that I should stand up to Huckleberry. She said that one bop on the nose and he’d go running scared. But Little Mom should try facing down a barking opponent that’s charging her!


Huckleberry hears a cat!

Last night the old lady, Ethel, ventured out from her room wanting to be fed… again. Following Ethel down the hallway, I stopped a safe distance back and watched from around the corner. Seemingly oblivious, Ethel had wandered right into the wolf’s den. ethel-walking-into-danger I watched as Huckleberry, who was sleeping on the sofa, opened one eye, then raised his head. His ears perked up and he gave a warning bark. That didn’t stop Ethel. She was clearly on a mission — a mission to be fed! Next thing I know, Huckleberry charged! carol-corner Holding my breath, I wondered if I should race for help. But Ethel was unphased. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared him down. Huckleberry skidded to a stop, gave a whimper, and retreated to the sofa. Victory! Cats 1, Huckleberry 0. I hate to admit it, but that old bat, Ethel, taught me an important lesson: Sometimes, when you’re hungry enough, nothing can get in your way. ethel-eating

13 thoughts on “Mission: Possible

  1. Good for Ethel! I think mature ladies (notice I did not say old) like Ethel have the self confidence to simply dare other furry beasts to try something in their direction. Snowflake, who by the way has been quite interested in your writing lately Carol, has a bad habit of assuming she can confront the local raccoon family who use her backyard as a highway to and from their den. I wouldn’t recommend Ethel goes to extremes such as that, but I applaud her assertiveness in the face of male oppression.

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    • Ethel definitely is not lacking in the self-confidence arena! And despite Huckleberry’s affrontry, she still hates Steve more. Please give Snowflake my hellos. And tell her to be careful with those raccoons!! Thank you for visiting… I always love hearing from you!

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  2. I don’t know why, but I had your blog pinned and I couldn’t see the new posts, so I unpinned it and opened the site again and I could see all the new post! 😀

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  3. Ravelry is my favorite knitting site, too! I love yarn and all its possibilities. That said, I am still quite concerned over this initiation thing.

    As per Huckleberry, there are lessons to be learned. Sherman can look at him and understand why your moms have him on a diet – they love him and want him healthy. Then there is the lesson Ethel showed: Huckleberry is a bully and bullies are actually cowards, who usually do not deal well with confrontation 😉

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    • My moms love Ravelry, too. After what I saw on there, I must admit that, as a feline, the site makes me more than a little nervous!

      You make some very good points about lessons learned, Jeanne. One of the great things about my blog is not just getting to share my many observations, but having others share their perspectives on and interpretations of what I see. I’m learning so much! Thank you for visiting and for sharing your wisdom with me!!

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