(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. If you’re thinking that my sister, Eggnog, was supposed to write this week’s Wordless Wednesday, you would be correct. However, I have a follow-up to last week’s follow-up blog post. A post-post follow up.

And, I confess: I like blogging. It’s opening me to a whole new world of dogs, humans, and even cats who are friendly and generous with their ideas to enhance my strategies for chewy domination. Besides, why should Carol get to have all of the fun?

But I’m not here to be sappy. I am here to provide an update on the chewy situation. German Grandma departs tomorrow. I’m disappointed that she’s leaving, but NOT disappointed that she’s taking the thief Huckleberry with her.


If you read Carol’s most recent post, you are familiar with Huckleberry. He dislikes the cats and chases any that dare walk within his sight. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I enjoy chasing the cats myself. Especially Carol.

But what I do not like is that Huckleberry steals the chewies German Grandma gave ME.

Look at those deer-in-headlights eyes. That innocent act doesn't work with me.

His eyes say it all, don’t they?

Huckleberry told me that they’re actually his chewies because his mom bought them. When I argued that she gave me the chewies, he said that defies her communal spirit and at the very least she intended for us to share them. Then he gathered all of the chewies and told me that if I asked very nicely he might give me ONE.


Look at Huckleberry going to town on MY chewy!

Lucky for me, Ethel showed up on the scene and when Huckleberry made chase I grabbed as many as I could in my mouth and made for the hills. Or, rather, moms’ bedroom rug.


It’s too bad because I think Huckleberry and I could have been good friends. We share a love of chewies and chasing cats, are loyal companions to our humans [i..e., always “underfoot” as our moms disparagingly put it], and, if I may say so myself, are handsome fellows.


Eggnog imparts her wisdom to me. [Her words, not mine.]

My sister, Eggnog, followed me into the bedroom and told me that I should set my grievances aside and make peace with Huckleberry. She said we’re all family and family sticks together. Maybe she’s right. Maybe I should make amends with Huckleberry before he leaves. But first I have to hide these chewies.

8 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  1. General Sherman, I thank you for this informative briefing and look forward to future dispatches from the canine side of the household.

    So Huckleberry is trying to redistribute the chewies into his own stomach, is he? It seems to me that he has a very interesting definition of the concepts of “communal spirit” and “sharing,” wherein he alone controls the supply chain of chewies.

    Now, you don’t want to upset German Grandma, and schisms are never pleasant among family. So, if it were me, I would make peace with Huckleberry (after securing as many chewies as possible, of course).

    However, I am afraid that my motives would not be as pure as your sister’s. I am reminded of a famous line: “Keep your friends close and your chewy thieves closer.”

    Semper vigilans, General.

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    • Your assessment is spot on, Albert. And I agree that Huckleberry’s actions belie his words. Even so, I will attempt to make peace with him. Not because I’m soft [like Eggnog or, heaven forbid, Carol], but because it is the right thing to do. However, I must first use Ethel as a distraction to retrieve the remaining chewies, which I will then hide in a number of undisclosed locations. Thank you for the suggestion!

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  2. General, I side with Albert the Dog on this one. Strategic planning now, in the face of future visits by German Grandma and Huckleberry, can do a lot to forego midnight chewie raids or even the possibility of downright warfare.

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  3. General, I’m so glad you’re getting into blogging! I’m enjoying your point of view. The pictures were great and I’m glad that troublemaker Huckleberry is going home. You have a great sense of storytelling (must run in your family) Keep posting!

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    • Thank you for the encouragement! I tried to convince Eggnog to give me her Wordless Wednesday post next week, but she says it’s her turn and she’s not giving it to me again. Carol’s very lucky to have a blog of her own. Well, mostly her own.


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