Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

With the windows open all weekend, I had the chance to catch up with our neighbor cat, Baby Girl. If you read Friday’s post, you may recall that Steve was laughed out of his gang initiation with the Springhill Ballers for wearing what was evidently a not very gang-like outfit.


Unfortunately for Steve, the Springhill Ballers do not find leather queens intimidating.

On his way home, Steve passed members of the Springhill Ballers’ rival gang, the Creekview Disciples, who hooted and hollered at him. After getting laughed out of his own gang initiation, he was particularly sensitive to perceived ridicule.

One of those cats he passed was his ex-boyfriend [who dumped him], Willow. Steve was mortified. As it turns out, however, according to what Baby Girl tells me, that hooting and hollering was because they thought Steve looked F-I-N-E. Willow especially thought Steve looked good.

I haven’t shared this new information with Steve yet even though it would make him feel better. He’s finally starting to get over Willow and I prefer it that way!

But this isn’t even what I want to write about today. Today I want to address an issue that’s been bothering me for some time now: The state of our water bowl.


Ethel drinking from the kitty water bowl. She hates this bowl.

We cats have a water bowl that we share almost exclusively in addition to the water fountain in the kitchen which is shared by everyone. I say “almost exclusively” because Walter is terrified of the fountain and so drinks from our bowl. But that doesn’t bother me.


Poor Walter.

What bothers me is Ethel’s need to dip her filthy paws in our drinking water leaving bits of litter to settle at the bottom. Litter! In our water!!


Now, you may ask why I wouldn’t prefer to use the filtered water fountain anyway. That’s a valid question – if you don’t know that Sherman dips his muddy nose in the water after digging outside and then dribbles water all around making a gigantic, slobbery mess. Gross!

Ethel claims that giving her a bowl of her own would solve all of our problems. She waxes nostalgic for days past when she says she solely possessed the best water bowl ever. According to Ethel, the bowl was so big she could stand in it and drink, like a lioness drinking from a watering hole in the Savannah.

Frankly, I’m not sure such a bowl ever existed.

So I asked Violet, who is old and has a long memory, if she recalled this fantastical water bowl. Violet said the bowl is real, but it didn’t belong solely to Ethel.


Violet dug out this photograph to prove Ethel is telling the truth for once.

Ethel and Violet shared the bowl and, like now, Ethel made a real mess. According to Violet, our moms tired of mopping up after Ethel who left a trail of wet paw prints everywhere she stomped. And that’s when the bowl mysteriously disappeared.

For the sake of my own sanity – and health – I must find this bowl and convince our moms to return it to use. If only I knew where to look….


33 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

      • The toilet?! What a terrible idea! After reading Carol’s slanderous post and the many disparaging comments, I see now that I am misunderstood. Many stars have been misunderstood in their time: Barbara, Liza, Elizabeth Taylor… I guess it’s the cross I must bear, but I REFUSE to share a water bowl with Sherman – or drink from the toilet!!!

        I want MY bowl back. NOW!!! No one understands what I go through living in such conditions, and all I hear are complaints from THEM!! This is too much for my delicate sensibilities.

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      • Ethel, I am so sorry to have offended you. I merely suggested this because many cats that I know seem to enjoy using this human device as a water bowl. Another example is my cat friend Snowflake who is lost if she can’t drink the water left on the floor of the shower. I had no idea that your position was so very delicate and high in this homes social order.

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      • Thank you, Deb, for understanding what I endure. I wish someone would explain this to the rests of the cats and the furry beasts. My suffering in this household knows no bounds. In appreciation of your understanding, I promise to send you an autographed copy of the first volume of my autobiography when it is published. (P.S. Don’t expect to read about Steve in it.)

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  1. That Ethel is a piece of work. (And yes a bit scary) I think that you’re right. The return of that special bowl would at least allow the rest of you clean water. Maybe your mom’s could put a towel just under it so she could pat off her wet (clean) paws.
    Interesting twist that Willow is looking at Steve with new appreciation – and is in a gang. I think you’re right to withhold that knowledge for now. Steve gets his heart broken so easily.

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    • I feel better knowing you support my decision to hold back on sharing my new information with Steve. I just think it’s in his best interest. And a towel is a great idea! Now I just need to figure out where they put that bowl….

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  2. Um, I love the big water bowl, but if Violet is correct about past behavior, than wouldn’t that mean that Ethel would clean all four paws in it, as well?
    Too bad you couldn’t interest her in sharing ‘the fountain’ with Sherman. 😉

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    • Sharing the fountain with Sherman! HA!!! She’d be as interested in that idea as she would drinking out of the toilet! Between the two she might choose the toilet! Very funny!!!


  3. I vote for resurrecting the BIG water bowl and putting it on top of a towel so wet prints/noses/body parts can be kept to a minimum while those who want to avail themselves of the BIG bowl can enjoy it for fresh, litterless water. How do you prevent those who insist on sharing their DIRT with everyone else from using it? That’s a whole OTHER problem to deal with!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Hi, Sammy! I’m keen on this towel idea. And I wish I had a way to keep Sherman and Ethel from mucking up our drinking water. My person that’s away at college has talked about her friends that struggle with messy roommates, so I guess even humans aren’t immune to these problems. Thanks for visiting!!

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  4. Hi, Carol, et al.

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    Thank you sincerely for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards, Gwen Doran (The Sugar Ship)

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  5. As a rather fastidious creature myself, I must say that I find Ethel’s use of the drinking water as a washing tub horrifying. It sounds to me as if she needs two bowls–one for drinking water and a second that humans would call a “finger bowl” and that we might perhaps call a “paw bowl.”

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    • Thank you, Bagheera! We’re not allowed on the counters and because of what Steve did recently our moms are on high alert. [Last month he knocked the utility payment off of the counter and under the refrigerator. My moms each thought the other had sent the check! Boy was he in trouble!!]

      I’ll have to find a covert way to sneak into the cupboard. Thanks for the tip!

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  6. Carol, one of my cats prefers to drink from a tall silver cup rather than a bowl. Perhaps Ethel would be discouraged from dipping her paws in a glass or cup?

    By the way, my Lola kitty thinks Steve is pretty darn cute.

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    • A tall cup? That’s a great idea! Of course Ethel would demand it be gold plated. “Only the best” is one of her favorite phrases. And I’ll tell Steve he has a fan! He’s been asking me to order prints of his gang initiation photograph so he can start mailing out autographed copies.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Boogie sounds pretty smart. A lot smarter than Ethel! I wish she would use the toilet to clean her paws. Of course she would say that’s beneath her and tell us to drink out of the toilet if we don’t like how she uses our water bowl. Thank you for visiting!

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