(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. After playing with the idea of starting my own blog, I decided to stick with guest writing on Carol’s. Seeing how much time Carol devotes to maintaining her blog, I’m afraid a blog of my own would take too much time away from raiding the toy basket and gnawing on chewies. And now that summer’s almost here, I hope to spend more time outside.

Speaking of being outside, Eggnog recently asked me to help her unearth clothes from years past that she’d buried in the backyard. How that five-pound ball of fur buried all of those outfits by herself is beyond me – it must have taken her forever. Thanks to my upper body strength [Steve’s got nothing on me with his pathetic abs], I was able to dig up Eggnog’s clothes in no time. It was refreshing to have someone appreciate my digging skills.

Living in a house with a mom who is an archaeologist, one would expect that a digging dog would be a welcome addition. Maybe even a source of pride. What I would give to hear LOUD Mom look at one of my holes and say, “Good job, Sherman!” or “What beautiful stratigraphy you have exposed!” Maybe even take a picture of my work.


This isn’t a hole I dug. No one takes pictures of those. They’re also not this big, nor are they this messy. LOUD Mom is adamant about careful excavation and the importance of clean profile walls for photographs. See, I listen. If only she would teach me more.

But no. Instead she tells me “No digging!” and washes my muddy nose and paws, then won’t let me get on the sofa with my chewy until I’m all dry. Though, in her defense, Little Mom wants LOUD Mom to enter through the mud room, throw all her clothes in the washing machine, and head straight to the shower when she gets home from being in the field. I guess it’s not so different. At least Little Mom doesn’t chastise her for getting dirty!

LOUD Mom being filmed for a documentary about one of her projects.

LOUD Mom being filmed at one of her sites.

My moms won’t even let me take chewies outside for fear that I’ll bury them [which I will]. If it weren’t for dogs like me burying things, LOUD Mom wouldn’t have a career… there’d be hardly anything for her to dig up!


Maybe she’d prefer I bury her brown transfer-printed whiteware tea cups or her hand-painted polychrome pearlware serving dish? Except I don’t think she’d want me to break them first, since that’s how she usually finds them.


Some of LOUD Mom’s historic ceramics.

Considering that they have me on this terrible Biggest Loser diet – a diet that’s not working, I might add – you would think that they would want me digging more! Digging is excellent exercise. Even LOUD mom says so. In warm weather, I hear her talking about how she was “sweating her butt off” on this or that project, and I once heard her say that even when it’s cold out, you sweat when you dig!

That’s great! I’m ready to sweat [if dogs could sweat, that is]. Just let me dig!

28 thoughts on “(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

    • That looks like a neat site! So much to dig! What a great experience for your daughter. Geoscience isn’t too far off from archaeology – the two fields work together.

      LOUD Mom spends most of her time digging up dead people’s trash and excavating their privies. Her specialty is mid-19th to early 20th century sites.

      If your daughter ever needs a digger, please tell her where to find me!

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  1. I am pretty good at digging too….. digging is difficult in my litterbox because the litter just kind of fills up the hole as I’m digging so I save my BEST digging for my Mom’s garden. Nice loose earth…..so I generally try to leave a little “gift” for the earth in the hole I’ve dug (if you know what I mean). Digging up clothes sounds like fun – did you find any?

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • I like to dig in the litterbox, too, Sammy, but that makes my moms very unhappy! I don’t know why — I get a snack and my moms have a little less to scoop. Seems like a win-win to me!

      The garden is another of my favorite places to dig! Looks like we have a lot in common for a dog and a cat. I enjoyed helping Eggnog dig up her old clothes — we found lots of good stuff including what she called “bling.”

      If you ever need any help digging, just give me a holler!


  2. Hi Sherman! I love digging too …….well ……….. actually………. I don’t really dig holes unless there is something to dig for like an underground chipmunk however, I just love to sort of dig the ground surface especially when there are lots of dead leaves, woodchips or just loose dirt. When I get all four of my feet going in unison, you should see the mess behind me!!!!! Woof! Ray. 🙂

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    • Hi, Ray! I know what you mean about digging around on the ground — I especially like to do that after I relieve myself on walks. For some reason my sister Eggnog always stands behind me — RIGHT behind me — and gets a face full of dirt and dead leaves. You’d think she’d learn. I’m definitely not going to stop just because she’s there!!

      Thanks for visiting, Ray, and keep on diggin’!!

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      • Your mentioning Eggnog reminds me …… I often dig after I’ve pooped and my Dad is behind me bagging it! Needless to say he gets covered in leaves, and dirt and stuff! He doesn’t mind though (I think) ‘cos he just stops and smiles at me! Woof! Ray.

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  3. Sherman, I wish you lived closer to us! We would love to employ a good digger this week to help dig post holes to fence in the kids’ back yard. The first four holes were dug, yesterday and sadly, the only artifacts found were rubbish from when the house was originally built.
    We have a few trees to plant, too. Yes, your skills would be very handy here in Florida.

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    • Shucks! That sounds like so much fun! I’ll bet you’d even let me bury a few chewies for safe keeping in those post holes.

      Have fun with all of your digging — you’re so lucky!! I wish I could be there to help!


  4. Walter, I also enjoy digging but do not get dig much here in the city. The best I can do is dig at the ground as Ray describes. I think your LOUD Mom should consider hiring you to assist her with her work. Obviously, your skills could be of great help to her.

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    • Thank you, Albert! I think all forms of digging are valuable. I wish LOUD Mom would take me to work with her so she could see just how useful I could be. Paying me would have to cost a lot less than paying another human. Chewies can’t be THAT expensive!

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  5. Jacques tried to dig to China once. I didn’t appreciate it. At. All. I seriously considered getting him a sandbox or marking off a corner of the yard for him. I understand that he is an expert digger and needs to keep his skill set sharp… but having the backyard pocked with craters just won’t do. I’m sure your moms feel the same way. Maybe a Sherman sandbox would work for you?

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    • Wow, China! Jacques must be a master digger. Maybe he could mentor me? I think a sandbox would be perfect. I know how much I enjoy digging in the cats’ litterboxes when my moms aren’t looking. Just imagine a giant one outside… fun!

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      • Let’s just say it’s a good thing he’s cute otherwise I might have shipped him to China after that incident. General, sir, stay the course. Stay strong. And maybe try whispering some subliminal suggestions to your moms while they sleep. 🙂

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