Gardening, or gaming me?

Things have been crazy around here lately, and as if dealing with a more-irritable-than-usual Ethel  wasn’t enough, we have not been able to get on the computer for almost a week!

Now that it’s spring and [from what I hear] beautiful outside, our moms aren’t spending nearly as much time sitting on the sofa knitting as they did all winter. Instead, they have what they call an “ever-evolving” flower and bird garden they’re working on in our backyard. Something I’ll never get to enjoy – other than from the window.


Evidently gardening means doing lots of research, because they’ve commandeered my computer. And, to make matters worse, Little Mom is even taking my computer with her DURING THE WEEKDAYS. [Violet said I should be mindful that it’s not actually MY computer, but I think her viewpoint is skewed in favor of our moms.]

Lack of internet access and no social media means lots of together time, and boy, are these guys getting on my nerves!

Steve, who passed his initiation into the Springhill Ballers [by getting our neighbor cat, Bubbles, to do his dirty work], has been whining about how he NEEDS the computer to do Craigslist research for Gus and the Ballers. [He didn’t say for what – I need to find that out!] He says he’s no good to his “toms” if he can’t complete such a simple assignment. I told him maybe he could cheat his way through this task, too! He said Bubbles lives outside and doesn’t have a computer. Poor Steve doesn’t get sarcasm.


Steve – when Gus came looking for him.

Walter’s been fretting because he thinks our person that’s away at college is supposed to be coming home soon, but with no computer he can’t stalk her Twitter account to see. He has absolutely no idea what she’s doing and it’s driving him crazy!

This week is Sherman’s turn at Wordless Wednesday, or what I call the once weekly hijacking of my blog. Sherman’s concerned that, with no computer, his turn will be skipped and he’ll have to wait another month. Heaven forbid.

When Sherman’s anxious, he becomes especially bossy. Walter explained to me that Sherman [aka The General] likes to be in control and when he feels out of control he works twice as hard to try to establish order. Of course Walter went on to say that The General’s sense of control is illusory because, ultimately, we’re all at the whims of a vast, cold, and uncaring universe. I guess ideas like that are why Walter takes Prozac.

Walter finally had enough of taking orders from The General. Sherman's response? He yawned.

Walter finally had enough of taking orders from The General. Sherman’s response? He yawned.

Meanwhile, Ethel is still mad at Steve about his stealing her Eli Lilly commercial out from under her. Of course the loss has nothing to do with her diva attitude and list of demands! Ethel claims the only thing getting her through the trauma is all the support she received from her “fans” after her post [on MY blog, I might add]. Without the computer and, hence, the attention – excuse me, I mean “support” – Ethel says that she just can’t go on.

Thanks to all of your support, Ethel's rehearsing again. Way to go.

Thanks to all of your support, Ethel’s rehearsing again. Way to go.

And then I have my sister, Eggnog, telling me that our moms are onto my blog and are fed up with all the drama I’ve created and that’s why the computer’s gone. The drama I’VE created?! I’m just one cat reporting what I see. It’s not MY drama. I can’t help it if I have a gay brother who joined a street gang, or a curmudgeon-y sister with no talent who aspires to fame.

Thank goodness Violet is being reasonable. Being such an old lady, she just wants us all to leave her alone so she can sleep.


And I’m especially thankful for our neighbor, Baby Girl. To help with all of this stress, she turned me onto something she calls “aromatherapy.” Basically, rolling around on surfaces that our moms have cleaned with various solutions. My favorite is vinegar, but lemongrass oil is great as well. Baby Girl says it cleanses “the mind, body, and spirit.” I don’t know about cleansing, but it’s pretty fun and I like smelling like vinegar for hours afterward.

I love aromatherapy.

I love aromatherapy.

I have the computer now, but I don’t know for how long. Our moms are at the store buying more flowers, but will be back soon. If Eggnog’s right, this might be my last post. Ever.

20 thoughts on “Gardening, or gaming me?

  1. Carol, a thought since you are newly into aromatherapy…lavender oil is especially soothing. Dab some near, or on Ethel if you can. Perhaps it will calm her a bit, or better yet dab some on yourself then you might not give a care about Ethel, Steve, the canine brothers, or your computer woes.

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    • Thank you for this information, Deb! I’ve seen lavender oil in the bathroom Ethel frequents. If I time it just right, I’m pretty sure I can knock the bottle onto her head. If there’s any excess, I’ll give it a good roll. Wish me luck!

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  2. It’s not easy in your household trying to maintain your “place”, much less get a little bit of computer time! Aromatherapy is a good thing – the dog who lives next door to us rolls around in his own poop which his humans think is the WRONG kind of aromatherapy. I tend to agree. Vinegar, lemon oil or lavender work better!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Rolls around in his own poop?! Furry beasts can be so gross! We can be thankful we’re cats, Sammy. Much more civilized. Thanks for visiting!


  3. Carol–I’m so glad you found out about aromatherapy. But there is a saying about not catching flies with vinegar (something along those lines). Perhaps if you changed to lemongrass or lavender, the moms would enjoy the scent and allow you to gently take over the computer again.

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    • Hmm… that’s a thought. I REALLY like the smell of vinegar, but if it meant getting my computer back I’m open to alternatives! Thank you!


  4. Carol, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be not to have access to your computer (and also not getting to go outside). But I am glad the aromatherapy is helping. I myself don’t really enjoy vinegar, but I agree with the other commenters that lavender is very soothing.

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    • Sounds like I really need to try lavender. I just find it hard to believe that it smells better than vinegar. Good to hear from you, Albert! I hope you’re enjoying the same beautiful weather in the city!

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      • Thank you, Carol. It was about 80 degrees the last couple of days, and our building has not turned on the A/C yet, so I have spent a lot of time lounging around in front of the fan trying to cool off. But after the winter we had, I’m not complaining!

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  5. Carol, have you or your mom ever considered a kitty leash for enjoying that outdoor garden? Now i know leashes are for dogs, but my kits Neko and Petey enjoy a good walk around the backyard garden. May take a while to get used to, but after you experience the outdoors, you quickly grow to like and accept the leash. If you do go out, don’t forget to roll around about 10 times, Petey does it every time we go out for a walk… just a thought 🙂

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    • Hmm, a leash? The only time I’ve seen a leash on a cat is when Steve wore one to show Walter how to look fierce.

      I suppose a human has to be at the other end? LOUD Mom would never let me stalk the birds. Little Mom probably wouldn’t either. Even so, I think I’d enjoy the experience.

      Thank you for the idea! I’m going to consult with Baby Girl.

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  6. If this turns out to be your last post ever – all of your followers are going to need aromatherapy or Prozac!! Carol, you are a very clever cat. Very clever. We need you to figure out a way to make sure you can continue to blog or the insanity that is somewhat contained in your house just might spread… Not all of us have a Baby Girl to consult!!!!

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    • You’re right – I’m SO lucky to have Baby Girl!! I don’t care what Eggnog and Ethel say! But don’t worry – Walter pointed out that our person that’s away at college is coming home soon and she has a computer! She’s so distracted on her phone all the time, we should have no trouble using her computer 🙂

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  7. Noooo, Carol, not your Last Post! As one of the other commenters said, we’d all need Prozac to cope with that loss, let alone ‘the whims of a vast, cold, and uncaring universe’ (really, Walter can be very poetic at times). My mate Hermie the big stripey orange cat suggests catnip as an alluring scent. He says it’s quite invigorating and may help you forget the stress of computerlessness. Good luck!


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