For your eyes only.

carol-05_profile-circleI have trouble to report. Last night LOUD Mom got the computer out to work on a chapter she’s writing for an archaeology book. When she went to turn it on, she noticed the computer was only in sleep mode. As she typed in the password, I ran to the desk and lunged for the keyboard. Maybe I could shut the computer off before she woke it up!

But it didn’t work. She caught me and put me in her lap, then proceeded typing. Up came the Skype window in all its glory. LOUD Mom yelled to Little Mom and asked her if she’d been using Skype earlier and could she close the program? Waiting with bated breath, I hoped LOUD Mom would just close the window without looking too closely. But of course not.

In walks Little Mom saying she hadn’t been on the computer in several days. Looking over LOUD Mom’s shoulder, they stared blankly at the Skype window with Ethel’s calls to Arnold, The General’s calls to Uncle Waldo, and, yes, Eggnog’s calls to Snoop Dogg.


“What on Earth is this?” LOUD Mom inquired. “I have no idea,” replied Little Mom. “Is that Snoop Dogg??”

In unison they both called upstairs to our person that’s away at college [who is home for the summer]. Great, let’s add a third human, I thought. Just what we need.

In walks our person that’s away at college.

“What?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

“Have you been using the laptop?” LOUD Mom inquired.

“Why would I do that? I have my own – and it’s nicer.”

“Okay. We’re just curious. Do you know anything about this?” LOUD Mom points at the computer screen.

Our person that’s away at college walked over to join us. I wanted to run and hide, but played it cool. Better to sit in LOUD Mom’s lap and purr than run and draw attention to myself.

All three looked perplexed as LOUD Mom proceeded to examine the address book and dig deeper into the call history. Then Little Mom pointed out that the dock indicated there were additional applications open. Uh-oh.

LOUD Mom minimized Skype and there, open on the desktop, was a folder full of photographs.


“Is that…Ethel?” Little mom asked sounding confused.

“Sure looks like it!” our person that’s away at college exclaimed. “Damn, that’s weird! And kind of gross. It looks like someone uploaded those pictures from my old phone.”







Now I’m starting to feel sick to my stomach. I use that phone to take pictures for my blog. What if they take it away?! And I hope they don’t find all of my blog files and folders! That would be TERRIBLE.

I knew Ethel shouldn’t be trusted to use the computer properly! This is awful. [And, as a side note, I should have listened to my reader, Scott, and made sure Ethel wasn’t sending Arnold compromising photographs of herself. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation!]

As the three clicked through countless pictures of Ethel’s gut flab, I started formulating an escape plan. And that’s when they discovered Steve’s Plenty of Felines account.


Maybe Ethel hadn’t been the one using the computer last? Maybe it was Steve? Sometimes I wish I was an only cat.

32 thoughts on “For your eyes only.

  1. Uhoh…….CAUGHT. Well, it was bound to happen….all of you using the computer for your own sometimes illicit activities and SOMEONE leaving the computer on…….this is the price you pay! I’m surprised that Ethel allowed that gut flab to be put out into the blogosphere as you know what they say about “if it’s out there, it’s really OUT THERE”……….hopefully that shot won’t wind up in some sleaze magazine for gut flab fetishists…….!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Hi, Sammy! Ever since being featured on Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday – twice – Ethel thinks her belly is the bee’s knees. I just wish I’d warned her of the dangers of posting compromising images of yourself online – even when you think they’re private, they’re not! I doubt she’ll care, though. She’d do anything for five minutes of fame.


  2. Oh dear, Carol. I think you did great to play it cool. I mean, they never would suspect any of you to be able to even know how to use the computer, would they? Best to lay low for a bit and then keep an eye on whoever uses it to make sure they close down the program. Anyway you guys can password protect your files?


  3. Oh Carol, I’m at such a loss here. While you aren’t implicated at this point, and I would strongly suggest playing dumb for now, your future access to a computer may be in jeopardy. Do you think if you went to the human who is home from college and tried to explain just how things have gotten out of hand with your siblings that she might run interference and help to assure that you can keep your continued, mature and responsible use of the computer?
    If that doesn’t work, perhaps creating chaos in some other aspect of your home will draw attention away from the computer use and your mom’s will just forget what they saw, especially if you can sneak in and delete all those accounts and sketchy interactions.

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    • Hi, Deb! Isn’t it terrible when a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch? Luckily I have a few tricks up my sleeve! I’m afraid that my person that’s away at college won’t be of much help, though. When she’s not working, she’s on her phone. I can barely get her to pet me let alone run interference with my moms!!! At least I have access to her room again 🙂

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  4. Well,………………you could just swipe that laptop right off the desk onto the floor. Hey, if it’s broken NO ONE will find out it’s you! And then they’d have to get a newer, NICER computer, too! Win/Win! But, shhhhhhhhh, you did NOT hear that from me! 😉

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    • Maybe one like my person that’s away at school has?! I’d like to use her computer, but she keeps it put away. And don’t worry – I won’t say a word to implicate you 😉

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  5. Dear Ethel, Hi. My name is Dylan and I have a gut kinda like yours. I compulsively lick my gut and nibble on my toes and beg my mom for food. Of yeah, I occasionally throw it all up, too. I also make some mean cigar like fur balls. Mom is at her wits end with vet consults, changing diets, etc. Do you have this problem? If so, how do you cope? Yours, Dylan


    • My brother Steve is a pro at doing things “accidentally on purpose.” I definitely need to see if I can get Walter to change the password on the computer – great thinking!

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  7. What a nice blog as soon as I went to your blog in response to you ‘liking’ one of my pieces I fell in love with the pictures especially your profile picture. Cats are just the best looking creatures aren’t we?

    Thank you so much for your ‘like’ and for your blog which I will get in my email inbox as soon as you have written it and consider myself a lucky Cat.


    The CVat

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    • Thank you! I do think we felines are pretty fine. Much cleaner and more attractive than those furry beasts [i.e., canines]. Thanks for following and please write again soon!


  8. Hi, This is Alfie. I used to have a belly fat problem. I just loved food. Then one day, I started losing weight without really trying. It was great, except that I kept on losing it. I thought it would be great to be able to eat all I wanted, but it’s getting kind of old now. My mom finally started getting worried and is now feeding me enough to gain some of my weight back. I think she knows something is wrong with me, because she keeps taking me to the vet, and they talk about me, but I have no idea what they are planning for me, and I’m kind of scared to think about it.

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    • Hello, Alfie. I’m very sorry to hear that you keep losing weight and have to make all of these trips to the veterinarian! No one likes going to the vet, but it’s even more stressful when you don’t understand what they’re saying.

      Hang in there and keep eating, Alfie. Hopefully your mom and the doctor will be able to figure out what to do to help you keep weight on and feel better!


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