The Siege at Creekview Drive

carol-05_profile-circleI’m back! Our moms went on vacation and took my computer with them. I would have used our person that’s away at college [but home for the summer]’s fancy computer, but if you remember my last post – from eons ago – our sister, Ethel, has laid claim to our person’s bedroom and won’t let me in!

You see, our plan to fortify the staircase with The General’s troops to keep Ethel out of our person that’s away at college’s bedroom was a complete failure.

Fortunately for The General, his forces sustained no losses, though there were a number of casualties. Unfortunately, Ethel is still occupying the room and keeping all of us out!

Ethel on her

This should be ME.

I’m sure you’re wondering, with such thoughtful strategizing, how did Ethel manage? It’s embarrassing to admit, but she outwitted all of us.

You see, the General and I waited for our moms and person to go to work. Then we enlisted Eggnog and Walter to help us station the troops, working towards the top of the stairs. We put the majority of The General’s forces at the bottom of the steps feeling quite confident that our strategy would work.

When Ethel left her room to head upstairs, she came face-to-face with The General’s cavalry.

Me, waiting from a safe distance.

Me, waiting from a safe distance, with the troops at their battle stations.

It wasn’t pretty. Ethel cursed The General up one side and down the other. She tried to crawl over the troops, but her gut got stuck on the giant frog. As she flailed around, crushing The General’s battalion, we held our breath hoping they could sustain the effort.




Surprisingly, they held her off! Ethel cursed us all and went back to her room declaring she’d be back to try again.

The General and I conferred and decided to leave the soldiers at their stations pending Ethel’s return. And that decision ultimately led to our downfall when…

LOUD Mom came home from work.

She saw the soldiers and chastised Sherman for making such a mess. She put all three furry beasts outside and was getting ready to pick up the soldiers when here comes Ethel.

Not wanting to miss out on the action.

For once Walter’s not the nervous one. Sherman was beside himself with concern over his fallen soldiers.

Ethel rubbed up against LOUD Mom’s legs, then threw herself on the troops in agony. LOUD Mom, ever the sucker, assured Ethel that she was cleaning up the mess. But Ethel wouldn’t stop. In fact, her wailing increased.

Then it happened.

LOUD Mom asked Ethel if she was trying to get up to our person that’s away at college’s room. Were all of The General’s “toys” [sic] blocking her way? Ethel got quiet and started purring, looking up at LOUD Mom imploringly. And the Oscar goes to….

That’s when LOUD Mom picked Ethel up and carried her – yes, CARRIED her – to our person’s bedroom. To make matters worse, when Little Mom and our person that’s away at college [but home for the summer] came home, LOUD Mom informed them of the whole ordeal. Everyone gathered around Ethel petting her and comforting her. Our person even told Ethel she could sleep with her that night!!! And ever since then, they’ve been carrying Ethel upstairs giving her sole access to our person’s bedroom. It’s awful.

LOUD Mom carrying

LOUD Mom carrying “poor Ethel” to our person’s room.

Time to get creative. I have an idea, but it’s going to take outside assistance. And not from Baby Girl – I don’t think she’d approve. I can’t tell you now – it’s too early – but I’ll share more as soon as I’m able. Wish me luck!

32 thoughts on “The Siege at Creekview Drive

  1. I thought that frog would stop Ethel for sure, and I have a feeling if LOUD mom hadn’t returned when she did you and the general would have won the battle. That Ethel is very cunning, but I have faith in you Carol, you can outsmart her. The ones who suck up get outsmarted in the end, but sometimes being patient is so hard. It seems as if Ethel could use some time in a crate to help her understand just how nasty she’s being. Isolation would probably have her howling for the entire neighborhood to hear though, so maybe that’s not the best idea either. I’m pulling for you 🙂

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    • The General will never turn down new infantry! After this latest skirmish, several of his soldiers are nursing serious wounds and he’s concerned our moms will be loathe to provide replacements. I’ll be in touch – thank you!

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  2. Wow!! The General has an impressive battalion!! Jacques is impressed with his frog, btw. Ok. Now to regroup, re-strategize, & reTREAT. Seriously, have some snacks while strategizing. It’ll help. 😉 As always – may the force be with you!

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  3. Gosh……I thought for sure that the troops would block Ethel and all would be well – who knew that Loud Mom would fall for Ethel’s whining and CARRY her (oh the indignity of it all!) beyond the blockade and up into the “forbidden palace”. Well, regrouping, rethinking, and reworking of THE BATTLE PLAN certainly is called for. Good luck. I suggest the strategizing take place well beyond the hearing of Ethel the Tattletale………………..

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Yes, stay tuned! Time’s running out before our person that’s away at college [but home for the summer] returns to school and closes her door until Christmas!!!


    • Yes, who knew LOUD Mom was such a sucker?! Here, I thought she was so smart. Not as smart as Baby Girl, but still pretty smart. And thank you for the compliment! My moms tell me I have saucers for eyes 🙂

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  5. Love it! As always between the photos and your storytellling I feel as it I was there. Ethel’s got your Moms and person hoodwinked. In fact, in the picture where she’s being carried, it occurred to me that she was trying to wink at the camera, quietly chuckling rather than actual purring. She really is the drama queen! I can’t wait to read your next post!

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    • Thank you so much! Saying the reports of my observations make you feel like you’re there is the highest of compliments. And, you know, I went back and looked at that picture of LOUD Mom carrying Ethel and I think you’re right: She’s definitely winking at the camera, mocking us!! She won’t have the last laugh, though!

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