A Tribute to My Troops

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. If you’ve followed recent events here, you’re aware of the valiant effort my troops sustained to keep my sister, Ethel, out of our person that’s away at college’s bedroom. You also know that their effort was for naught thanks to human intervention [i.e., LOUD Mom carrying Ethel to the room herself]. In thanks for their selflessness, Carol asked me to dedicate a guest blog post to my troops. 

I would like to introduce to you some of the bravest soldiers amongst my ranks. Their sacrifice and bravery in the face of a formidable foe [i.e., Ethel] are remarkable.

Sergeant Dan


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A Blog of One’s Own

I’m back. It’s been a rough week. The furry beasts [Eggnog, Walter, and Sherman] locked me out of the computer, took over my blog, and are demanding one blog post a week. This is MY blog! But for the sake of peace, I’m letting them have their way. And they say that I create drama. Ha!


It’s warmed up outside and LOUD Mom enjoys opening the windows to let fresh air into the house. That’s great for me because it gives me the opportunity to chat with my neighbor friend, Baby Girl. Baby Girl is always a good sounding board for me [much to Eggnog’s chagrin]. Baby Girl gives great advice. I guess that’s why she became a certified Life Coach.


Me watching out the window for Baby Girl.

So I was chatting through the window with Baby Girl, telling her what the furry beasts did to me. Baby Girl said we live in a culture where boys have all of the power. She told me that it’s not uncommon for boys to assert their dominance when their power is threatened. If I want to take back my power, Baby Girl said that I need to do what she says and stand up to them. Continue reading