Petition drive.

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is the General. Still no response from the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Household Headquarters to my letter regarding relocating my troop basket to increase accessibility. I tried moving the basket this weekend – several times – and every morning my troops were back in their original location.

Time is of the essence – how many soldiers must I abandon before action is taken?! Continue reading

No soldier left behind.

Sherman-01_profileHello, this is The General. With limited access to the computer this past week, I missed my chance at Wordless Wednesday. Carol told me I’d have to wait until next week, but I managed to commandeer the computer while she’s off being nosy – or as she calls it, “making observations.” Yes, it was technically Walter’s turn to host Wordless Wednesday, but, as you’ll see, I have more pressing matters to present – matters that cannot wait.

The issue at hand is the inadequate location of my troop basket – which our moms condescendingly refer to as the “toy” basket.


Several days ago, I submitted a formal written request for relocation of the basket to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Household Headquarters, but have not received a response. Quite possibly the issue is mired in a bureaucratic stranglehold (for the lay-dog or cat, that means my moms are still discussing it). Continue reading

Vive la Revolution! But I need my Prozac first.

Walter-10_profileHello, I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. You probably know me already. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and find myself getting a little down. Mostly I can’t figure out why it is that humans love cats so much more than dogs? Carol has a blog and humans actually read it. Have you really thought about that, dear human?!

Just a few internet searches and one quickly sees that cats are everywhere. An article in The Guardian says that cats are more popular because dogs “are trying too hard.” The article went on to say that dogs are “desperately trying to impress you – longing for your validation and approval,” whereas cats’ behavior is “cool, and effortless, and devoid of any concern about what you might think.”

Am I trying too hard? What will it take to get you to like me more than Carol?


Do you see what I mean???

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